White smoke coming from the ground, identifying a cross-connection


Woodend update - Sewer smoking

19 Nov 2021

Over the next two weeks, we’ll be carrying out ‘smoking’ on the sewer network in Woodend as part of our ongoing maintenance and investment program.  This work helps us to detect any cross-connections to the system.

Cross-connections exist when a pipe is incorrectly connected to our system, allowing stormwater to enter the sewer network.

This can cause major problems for our infrastructure and is particularly stressful to the system during periods of high rainfall where it can cause pipe blockages and sewer spills.

The work involves innovative ‘smoking’ technology where non-toxic smoke is blown into the network, which passes through sewer pipes before it eventually evaporates.  If a pipe is cross connected to the sewer network, the smoke escapes and becomes visible in the air, alerting us to the incorrect connection.

We suggest that you engage a licensed plumber if you suspect there are any issues with their connections.

When will the works occur?
The works are scheduled to begin 22 November 2021 and continue until 3 December 2021.

Will the works impact my sewer services?
You will continue to have access to all sewer services during this time.

What can I expect?
When sewer ‘smoking’ is occurring, you may notice the non-toxic smoke coming out from pipes and drains.

If you have any concerns, you can speak to customer service on 13 44 99.