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We’ve received a 12-month extension to our current price determinations

20 Dec 2021

In October this year, we applied to the Essential Services Commission (ESC) for a 12-month extension to our existing price determinations.  

Price determinations outline the service levels and prices that you will receive over a set period. 

The extension has now been approved by the ESC. 

This gives us more time to understand the unique circumstances of our newly integrated organisation and how to better plan the long-term pricing strategy. It gives us more opportunities to meaningfully engage with our customers and communities, so we can work together to create long-term benefits with our next price submission.  

During the 12-month extension period, you’ll continue to receive bill stability and our ongoing commitment to deliver high-quality water and wastewater services.  

You’ll also have the chance to participate in our engagement program, which will help shape our price submission for the next regulatory period commencing 1 July 2024.   

Join us on our Your Say site to keep informed on our projects and plans, and opportunities to provide feedback.  

You can view our application and ESC’s letter granting the extension on the ESC website.