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We’re proposing to extend our current price determinations for 12 months

26 Oct 2021

The Essential Services Commission (ESC) regulates the prices we charge customers for our services. Under the PREMO water pricing framework, the ESC issues periodic price determinations following its review of price submissions made by the water businesses that it regulates. Price submissions set out the proposed service levels, value and prices that customers will receive over the period.  

As Greater Western Water, our current price determinations were made by the ESC for City West Water and Western Water prior to integration of the two businesses. These determinations continue to apply to us and are due to expire on 30 June 2023. If the extension is granted, the regulatory period will extend to June 30, 2024.

The additional time will allow us to develop a greater level of understanding of the unique circumstances of integration to make informed proposals in our price submission. This will ensure that we can deliver efficient and affordable long-term pricing that caters for the provision of high-quality services in our growing region that customers and the community value.  

Customers will continue to receive bill stability and value through the proposed 12-month extension while having more input into shaping our next price submission through an engagement process informed by our deeper level of understanding of the integrated business. 

You can view our application for the proposed extension on the ESC’s website