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Water-saving stormwater project to grow green spaces

28 Mar 2022

Works have commenced on the Arndell Park stormwater harvesting project in Truganina. 

Part of the transformative Greening the Pipeline initiative, the project will utilise the decommissioned and heritage-listed Melbourne Outfall Sewer to collect, store and treat up to 22 million litres of stormwater each year for irrigation of Arndell Park and adjacent open spaces.

Rather than flowing down the drain and into Port Phillip Bay, the captured stormwater will be cleaned and used to irrigate a landscaped area and sports field at Arndell Park from approximately June 2022. In providing a new, sustainable water source for the area, the project will lessen the demand on Melbourne’s precious drinking water while developing accessible, green open spaces for the community to enjoy.

The $9 million project is being co-funded through the Greater Western Water Stormwater Harvesting Partnering Fund, the State Government, Melbourne Water and Wyndham City Council. The project is part of the Greening the Pipeline initiative – a partnership between Greater Western Water, Melbourne Water, Wyndham City Council, Department of Transport, and supported by Greening the West. 

Greening the Pipeline aims to transform the Main Outfall Sewer pipeline reserve along the Federation Trail into 27-kilometres of vibrant open spaces that services a growing population in Melbourne’s west. As well as managing water sensitively, Greening the Pipeline promotes community wellbeing through establishing greener, more liveable spaces where people can meet, play and relax.

Stormwater harvesting involves capturing and diverting stormwater runoff during periods of rain from urban areas for treatment, storage and use for irrigation of open spaces. It plays a vital role in easing pressure on water storages and demonstrates climate resilience by building a secure future supply for Melbourne amid a growing population.