Maribyrnong River


Telling our story through our annual reports and corporate plan

01 Nov 2021

With the release of the first Corporate Plan and the final annual reports of Western Water and City West Water, Greater Western Water is acknowledging the valuable work of two important organisations and looking to the future as one organisation ready to meet the needs of our expanded region.

Timelines in the annual reports tell the story of two water corporations, established more than 25 years ago, and their contribution to the life and prosperity of our city and north-west region. 

When Western Water commenced operation in December 1994 it serviced a population of 83,000. Twenty-five years later, that population had more than doubled to 184,000. When City West Water began operations on 1 January 1995 it serviced approximately 155,000 homes and businesses. In 2020, it welcomed its 500,000th customer.

The timelines also tell the story of achievements in improving customer service, caring for the environment, building essential infrastructure, conserving water, improving liveability, and managing resources through the Millennium Drought, the worst drought in 100 years.

The Corporate Plan is the inaugural planning document for Greater Western Water. Our strategy teams began working on the plan in November 2020, drawing on the knowledge and legacies of City West Water and Western Water to create a new way forward. 

The Plan provides a roadmap for the future of water in our region. It sets out our vision and outlines how we will deliver our obligations and accountabilities in 2021-22. 

The 2020-21 Annual Reports and our Corporate Plan 2021-22 are here.