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Tackling homelessness with clean water and conversation

04 Aug 2021

What does home mean to you? For many of us home is family, a quiet night on the couch or a cosy bed, but for some, home is complicated.

This week is National Homelessness Week, which raises awareness for people experiencing homelessness. Across Australia, more than 116,000 people don’t have a place to call home on any given night.

Everyone can help to make a difference to reduce the impact of homelessness - as individuals and organisations. 

We recognise that some people in our community can’t always easily access safe, clean water. Not everyone has a place to call home, where they can enjoy a hot shower or put a load of washing on. 

Enter not-for-profit Orange Sky Australia. Greater Western Water is proud to be a local sponsor of this world-first charity that connects people experiencing homelessness with free mobile laundry and shower services. 

Orange Sky volunteers create a safe, supportive environment for those who often feel disconnected from their community. The most important part of the service is the conversation that happens while the washing machines are spinning and the dryers are tumbling.

We love that we can contribute to the 22,400 washes, 2680 showers and countless positive conversations that happen every year across Melbourne. 

How can you help shine a light on homelessness?

Sign up for the Sudsy Challenge

Join us and take the Sudsy Challenge in September. This Orange Sky fundraiser challenges you to wear the same outfit for three days to raise awareness and donations for people doing it tough, like Glenn.

Two OrangeSky volunteers next to a washer and laundry basket in a park

You can also learn more and get involved in the conversation on Orange Sky’s social media. Look for @orangeskyau on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.