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Hillside update - Flushing maintenance

26 Oct 2021

Over the next four weeks, we'll be carrying out flushing maintenance on the drinking water mains in Hillside.

The works involves flushing the network to remove any build-up of natural sediment in the pipes. This sediment is harmless, but it can cause discoloured water or issues with water pressure. By removing it through the flushing process, the Hillside neighbourhood will benefit from improved water clarity and flow.  

We’re committed to providing high quality drinking water that consistently meets the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines and your water will continue to be safe to drink while we flush the mains.   

When will the works occur? 

The works are scheduled to begin 27 October 2021 and will continue for up to 4 weeks. 

Will the works impact my water supply? 

The water supply will not be turned off during the works, however some customers may notice a slight change to the taste and odour of their drinking water during the cleaning period. 

Once the flushing is complete, your tap water may appear discoloured. This is harmless and is caused by natural sediment that has been stirred up during the flushing process. If this happens, you can run your front outside tap for up to five minutes until your water clears. Remember to collect this water and reuse it on your garden or pot plants.  

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