Navigating your new website

We’ve become Greater Western Water

Western Water and City West Water have joined to form Greater Western Water, your new water corporation.

Navigating your new website

We’re working hard to build you a new, fully functional Greater Western Water website. Until then, performing some tasks and finding relevant information will depend on your property or business location.

Existing customers: find quick links for common tasks

If you know your property or business was previously serviced by Western Water or City West Water and you’re trying to:

  • log in to or create your online account
  • move or sell your property
  • build or renovate
  • pay your bill, or
  • find financial support

Visit our transactions page to find quick links for information relevant to your property or business.

Developers and new customers: how to find relevant info

If you’re not sure where to find relevant information, visit our homepage, enter your suburb or town and follow the prompts.

Learn more about Greater Western Water

Providing you with reliable water in the long term is our priority. Learn more about why we integrated Western Water and City West Water to better serve our growing communities.