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Introducing Greater Western Water

Introducing Greater Western Water

On 1 July 2021, Western Water and City West Water joined to form your new water service provider, Greater Western Water.

Thinking about water so you don’t have to

Our priority is to ensure your water and wastewater services are reliable, affordable and secure. This is an ongoing process and requires us to adapt and evolve with the communities we serve. That’s why, with the support of the Victorian Government, we created Greater Western Water. By combining City West Water and Western Water into one water corporation, we’re in a stronger position to meet your water and wastewater needs – not only now but also for the decades to come.

Growing with our community

You might not know this, but Melbourne’s western suburbs and surrounding towns are home to some of the fastest-growing areas in Australia. Over the next 30 years, the region’s population is expected to double. It’s a landscape that’s changing fast and we’re excited to welcome this growing community into our service area – adding to the almost 1.3 million residential and business customers already here.

We’re here to support you

Our role goes beyond providing water and wastewater services. We love supporting the diverse range of people in our local communities. Our sponsorship programs give not-for-profit organisations within our service area the chance to receive funding for various events. It’s how we play our part to keep Melbourne’s inner and western regions vibrant, unique and a great place to live.

Your voice matters

What we do and how we do it directly impacts the lives of everyone in the communities and businesses we serve so we’d love to hear your thoughts on our work. Your voice and feedback shape the future of our water services and lets us know how we can support you best.

Map of Greater Western Water's service area

Greater Western Water's service area map, divided by previous City West Water and Western Water service areas