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Tenders and procurement

Our job is to provide people in our service area with quality water and wastewater services. To do that best, we sometimes need to source external suppliers and contractors.

You can find our open tenders on Buying for Victoria and TenderLink

What we look for in our suppliers

When we engage the market to find a supplier, we look for businesses whose values and principles align with our own.

Specifically, we look for businesses that can provide value for money, demonstrate integrity and transparency in their business practices, and commit to sustainable practices and risk minimisation. These standards inform our procurement policy and align with Victoria’s Social Procurement Framework.

We also have three key social procurement outcomes:

  • Opportunities for Victorian Aboriginal people
  • Opportunities for Victorians with disability
  • Women's equality and safety. 

How to work with us

Register your interest

If you’d like to hear about Greater Western Water’s upcoming tenders, register your business with Buying for Victoria. It’s a free service that notifies you when we have a new tender opening. You can also register your details with TenderLink for updates on new tender opportunities.

Lodge your tender with TenderLink

If you find a current tender you’d like to apply for, submit your application through TenderLink. Each tender contains its own terms and conditions, lodgement closing time and other details you need for your submission. Make sure you check the closing time carefully because we can’t accept late lodgements.


For any complaints about our procurement process, email your complaint to and include the details below:

  • Your full name
  • Your business name
  • The reason for your complaint
  • The outcome you’re looking for
  • Any other info to help us resolve your complaint.

We manage all complaints in a consistent, fair and transparent way that’s in line with Victoria’s Social Procurement Framework.