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What does the integration mean for my agreement(s) with City West Water (CWW) or Western Water (WW)?

The integration occurred in accordance with the requirements for restructuring of water corporations set out in the Water Act and, from an operational perspective, there are no material changes in your day-to-day interactions with us.

Your existing project manager or CWW/WW contact is the same. The only changes you need to make are administrative, as outlined below.

There are two changes you need to make:

  1. Update the business name associated with ABN details

    Details: Greater Western Water has replaced City West Water and Western Water 
    Reason: GWW has adopted the ABN for CWW (trading as Greater Western Water)

  2. Update to our new email addresses

    Reason: Existing City West Water and Western Water email addresses have been updated to Previous CWW and WW email addresses have defaulted to new addresses.

What happened with supplier/contractor agreements as of 1 July 2021?

All agreements to which WW was a party as at 1 July 2021 automatically transferred to CWW, trading as GWW.

These agreements continue in exactly the same way as before as though GWW was always a party to them.

GWW will meet all WW’s existing agreement commitments and will not negotiate any changes to agreements as a result of the transfer.

There was no change to CWW’s existing agreements as CWW is continuing as a legal entity. However, CWW is now referred to as GWW as of 1 July 2021.

How did the transfer happen?

The transfer happened by law under the Water Act 1989.

CWW continues as the legal entity, trading as GWW. All functions, powers and duties of WW transferred to CWW and WW officially wound up.

Under the Act, GWW was automatically substituted as a party to all WW’s agreements without any need for further documents to be entered into.

What do suppliers need to do as of 1 July 2021?

WW wound up on 1 July 2021 and is no longer a legal entity as of that date. All new agreements since 1 July 2021 are with CWW trading as GWW.

At this stage, the only change for WW agreements was to the ABN which must be updated to reflect City West Water Corporation, trading as Greater

Western Water. The new ABN is: ABN 70 066 902 467.